Functions, Pasch & BKD, Counselling

GZK is now working as a cooperation partner of the Goethe Institut, in line with the Agreement of Cooperation signed by both the institutions in 1998. The Cooperation Agreement has opened up new vistas of working opportunities for the GZK, such as teachers’ training, scholarships for teachers and students. GZK has gained full access to the working apparatus of the Goethe Institut, together with the supply of teaching and education materials by maintaining the highest degree of teaching methods and standards, as envisaged and prescribed by the Goethe Institut.

GZK is affiliated with the Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi, which has brought GZK directly under its jurisdiction, in order to oversee and supervise the ongoing German language activities in Nepal.


PASCH – Project, a worldwide initiative from the German Government in order to support teaching German to local children, has already been implemented in two schools in Nepal, namely the DAV Sushil Kedia Higher Secondary School (Dhobighat, Lalitpur) and the Nobel Academy Higher Secondary School (New Baneshwor).

Currently about 800 students (6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade; upper grades optional) are learning German in both schools. “German Classrooms” have been furnished and therefore the students can learn about Germany and its culture in a German environment.

Several students of Pasch schools in Nepal are invited each year for camps in Germany in order to learn the language and meet other German speaking students from all over the world. Other regional camps are organized in the SAARC Region.

Other events are being planned for this and next year.


The Goethe Zentrum Kathmandu in cooperation with the German Embassy KTM conducts counseling programs for students aspiring to study in Germany. Here, they are well briefed about the entire university process, formalities and obligations. The program is held once every month, usually first Tuesdays. The Reception of the Goethe Zentrum Kathmandu will give you information for the dates.

The Counseling is done for two groups of students:

  1. Normal students going for study purposes at universities in Germany. This counseling is done by German Embassy Kathmandu.
  2. Students opting for study in Germany under the German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD), counseling for whom is exclusively done by the German Embassy in Kathmandu. The venue for both counseling instruments is the Goethe Zentrum Kathmandu and NEEGAS.