Exam Informations

Authorized with an Examination License from Goethe Institut Munich, GZK is conducting the official Goethe exams. Currently we offer SD1, GZ-A2, GZ-B1 and GZ-B2.

-SD1 is the beginner level German exam. It is not only the entrance to the German Language, but a must for prospected Au Pairs and for the family reunion (Ehegattennachzug).
Link for model questions of SD1 exam:

-GZ-A2 is the lesser advanced exam and enables you to carry on to the higher exams.
Link for model questions of GZ-A2 exam:

-GZ-B1 is a certificate exam for the advanced level in German. If passed well, the student can apply for the “Studienkolleg” course, a preparatory course for the entrance permission to Bachelor studies in Germany.
Link for model questions of GZ-B1 exam:

Link for model questions for GZ-B2 exam:

Link for model questions for GZ-C1 exam:

The examination fees for internal and external students are as follows:

 Level A1 A2 B1 B2
 Internal  35,00 €  45,00 €  55,00 €  65,00 €
 External  60,00 €  75,00 €  95,00 €  110,00 €

PLEASE NOTE: The prices in NPR will be published at least one week before the scheduled exam using the respective exchange rate of the NEPAL RASTRA BANK

Requirements for Exam Registration:
1. 2 passport sized photos
2. Photocopy of citizenship/ passport.
3. Photocopy of GZK ID card (For Internal)
( P.S. Original Passport or Citizenship is a must during the Exam and Result collection day.)
Exam fees are not refundable after registration.

The dates for the upcoming 6 month exams will be published on our news ticker on top of this website. You should apply 1-3 months in advance. The registration for SD1 can be downloaded near the end of this website.
For further information, please enquire in our office.

Tel. Nr. : +977-1-4250871, 4250128
E-mail : reception@goethe-kathmandu.edu.np
Office hours : 9.00 am – till 5.00 pm. (Monday – Friday)

Exam at the Goethe Zentrum Kathmandu


Also, Deutsch lernen, Deutschland kennen lernen und viel Spaß beim Deutschlernen!Note: GZK, like other Goethe Institutes, has been named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832). He was a poet, writer, philosopher and even a politician with a remarkable range. Known for his audacious literary status and genre of German diction, he is sometimes referred to as the last universal man. He has also the distinction of being perhaps the most fully-documented creative artist in Germany and the rest of the world.Around 1600 students enroll themselves in various levels each year, with an annual average of eight-thousand credit hours.

Training of additional teachers, in order to cope with the burgeoning language classes, is the next step that GZK is undertaking in cooperation with the MMB, New Delhi.